Are you UberEats and Deliveroo ready?

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Food delivery apps are on the rise and are here to stay. With a food delivery industry now worth $6 billion and growing, restaurants and cafes must adapt to the customers’ new way of ordering and consuming food and are increasingly signing up to food delivery apps such as UberEats or Deliveroo.

Although food-delivery app might not suit every business, they provide a great opportunity to promote a business in a new way and access a new audience whilst cutting down on the traditional costs and headaches associated with food delivery. With the aim that customers who discover your business via these apps might also turn in regular patrons, moving into this new market also provides a great opportunity to use the packaging to enhance brand recognition and identity.

Numbers are telling, on average Australian eat out or buy takeaway 3 to 4 times per week and that is not taking into account the workplace orders, that currently represent 16% of all orders placed through delivery apps (AHA) .

In order to increase the chance of converting takeaway and food delivery customers into physical patrons, it is important to convey the experience that a customer would have in your venue through the takeaway experience, and packaging can be a great way to do so.

Think about your restaurant positioning, and translate it to your food packaging via custom printing, the choice of colours and materials as well additional notes or cards that you can add to the delivery bags to make it more personable.

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A few brand packaging inspirations:

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