Pint vs. Schooner: The Big Debate

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As opposed to some of the Eastern states, Western Australian have long been attached to the tradition of drinking their beers out of pint glasses. In the recent years, there has been a push for the use of schooners (around 2/3 of the pint capacity) in bars and pubs around Perth.

In a recent online poll, and for a bit of fun, we asked our Facebook followers to have their say and vote for their favourite drinking size. Although some highlighted the benefits of the schooner size to keep their beer cold during a hot balmy day and/or for slow drinkers, the Pint won the poll and was voted favourite by more than 90% of the participants.

It seems that, although having a wide range of standard beer glass sizes might help bar and pubs to satisfy every beer drinker, the pint still has glorious days ahead.

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