Discover WAs Best Cocktail: Embark on a Cocktail Trail Adventure

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The Australian Hotels Association (AHA) have opened voting for WA's 2024 Best Cocktail and we had the genius idea of using the list of nominated venues to plan a delightful cocktail trail adventure. We suggest you grab some friends and embark on this tasty journey, to discover WA's Best Cocktail through a thrilling Cocktail Trail adventure! You may need to do this over several weeks in May as the list is quite long!

What is a Cocktail Trail?

Think of a Cocktail Trail as a sophisticated version of a pub crawl, where you get to explore a variety of venues known for their exceptional cocktail craftsmanship. It's an opportunity to indulge in signature concoctions, and immerse yourself in the city's cocktail culture.

The Venues up for nomination for WA's Best Cocktail are:

  1. Alibi: Start your adventure with Alibi's innovative cocktails and stylish ambiance.
  2. Exchange Hotel: Discover classic cocktails with a modern twist in this historic setting.
  3. Fat Controller: Dive into a world of bold flavors and creative mixology at Fat Controller.
  4. Frisk Small Bar: Experience intimate charm and expertly crafted cocktails at Frisk.
  5. L'Chaim: Indulge in sophisticated cocktails inspired by global flavors at L'Chaim.
  6. Lobby Lounge: Unwind with elegant drinks and a relaxed atmosphere at Lobby Lounge.
  7. Mechanics Institute: Explore inventive cocktails and a hip vibe at Mechanics Institute.
  8. Mount Helena Tavern: Enjoy craft cocktails and local hospitality at Mount Helena Tavern.
  9. Old Young's Kitchen: Delight in handcrafted cocktails using premium ingredients at Old Young's.
  10. Parley Bar Perth: Dive into a menu of creative cocktails with a touch of whimsy at Parley Bar.
  11. Quarter Acre Hotel: Discover cocktails that celebrate local ingredients and flavors at Quarter Acre.
  12. Shui Subiaco: Experience the art of Asian-inspired mixology and exquisite flavors at Shui.
  13. Storehouse Restaurant & Bar: Savor cocktails crafted with care and precision at Storehouse.
  14. The Bar: Enjoy a laid-back atmosphere and classic cocktails at The Bar.
  15. The Claremont Hotel: Immerse yourself in cocktails that reflect the vibrant spirit of Claremont.
  16. The Sandbar Scarborough Beach: Toast to seaside vibes and creative cocktails at The Sandbar.
  17. Whipper Snapper Distillery: Discover unique cocktails featuring artisanal spirits at Whipper Snapper.
We have removed the regional venues but we should note that Cable Beach House and Rio's Margaret River also made the esteemed list.

Tips for Your Cocktail Trail Adventure

  • Plan your route: Map out your trail to ensure you cover as many venues as you desire.
  • Pace yourself: Enjoy each cocktail responsibly and stay hydrated throughout your adventure.
  • Engage with the bartenders: They are passionate about their craft and can recommend hidden gems.
  • Take photos and make notes of your favourite: you will need these to vote!

Ready to Embark?

Gather your friends, put on your best cocktail attire, and get ready for an unforgettable journey through Perth's vibrant cocktail scene. Whether you're a seasoned cocktail connoisseur or a curious newcomer, this suggested itinerary for a Cocktail Trail promises a delightful fusion of flavors, creativity, and camaraderie. Cheers to new experiences and memorable moments in the heart of Perth's cocktail culture!

To vote for your favourite cocktail you can head to:

Voting closes on 27th May