Eco-straws - an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic straws

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Eco-Straws - An alternative to plastic straws

The West Australian government implemented a ban on single use plastic bags on 1st July 2018. After this ban came in to effect, the premier Mark McGowan indicated that further single use plastic bans may be imposed including a potential future ban on plastic straws (refer to this article Plastic straw ban being considered by WA Government, Premier Mark McGowan reveals).

Fortunately, a range of Eco-straws has been developed that can provide an environmentally friendly alternative to the current plastic straws. These eco-straws offer a sustainable packaging solution, that will either degrade or compost helping reduce landfill, and not remain on earth as long as plastic. It is important we also look at also reducing the risk of all plastics and waste entering our waterways and marine systems.

This Eco-straw range is available from Taldara as two different options - the Oxo-Biodegradable Eco-straw and the Paper Eco-Straw.

First, lets look at the Oxo-Biodegradable Eco-straw...