Elevate Your Brand Image with Custom Printed Glassware

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Have you been considering custom printing your wine glasses or beer glasses with your logo but aren't sure if you should take the plunge and if its a worthwhile investment?

At Taldara, we firmly believe printed glassware is an asset to your venue and so we've compiled a list of key reasons why we think you should consider custom printed glasses as a solution in your establishment.

Glass Prints for Branding and Identity: 

Custom glass prints provide an excellent opportunity for restaurants, bars, and cafes to reinforce their brand identity by putting their logo in front of their patrons. By incorporating logos, colors, or unique designs onto glasses, you can create a cohesive and memorable brand image for your clientele.

Glass printing demonstrates Professionalism: 

Custom glassware printing adds a touch of professionalism to the dining or drinking experience. It demonstrates the venues attention to detail and their commitment to quality, making a positive and lasting impression on customers.

Unique Customer Experience: 

A custom printed glass contributes to a unique and memorable customer experience. Sipping a drink from a printed glass with a distinctive design or with their favourite venue's logo can create a sense of exclusivity and make patrons feel more connected to the establishment.

Promotional Opportunities: 

Custom glassware serves as a fantastic promotional tool. It is perfect to use as a giveaway or as part of a ticketed entry fee to an event. Guests can use the printed glass at the event and then take it home to have a lasting promotional glass for their personal use keeping your brand and hospitality venue in front of your customer.

Customer Engagement: 

Printed glassware encourages customers to engage with the establishment through photos and social media. You know that your customers like to take photos while they are out enjoying themselves. Your customers are more likely to take photos of themselves with their drinks and share them on their favourite social media platform if they are printed with your logo, effectively becoming brand ambassadors and expanding the restaurant, bar, or cafe's online presence. You can also encourage customers to do this and get them to tag your venue through the use of hashtags.

Printing offers differentiation from Competitors: 

Custom glassware sets an establishment apart from competitors. It provides a distinguishing factor that can be highlighted in marketing efforts, helping to carve out a niche in a competitive market.

Themed Events and Seasons: 

Custom glassware allows for flexibility in adapting to different themes or seasonal changes. Your restaurant, bar, cafe or hotel can create special glassware for holidays, events, or specific drink promotions, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the occasion or event.


And finally, not only will you have stunning glass prints with your brand and logo but it will help your staff by providing pour lines on your wine glasses. Most artwork can be customised to incorporate pour lines on the glass at the required height (150ml, 250ml etc).

Want to know more about glass printing? Here are some quick tips to consider to achieve stunning glass prints.

  1. Remove details from your logo that are too small. Small details are not ideal in glass printing as they don't show up well when printed. Our artwork team can help you do this and will advise you on details that we recommend removing.

  2. Select the right glass. Not all glasses are created equal when it comes glass printing. Some glasses are more bulbous than others which results in a smaller print area. Generally a less curvy glass will result in a better glass print.

  3. Size the logo correctly. When you view the glass you want to be able to see the glass print completely. You do not want your logo to wrap around the sides of the glass. All aspects of the logo should be visible from the front of the glass when printed.

  4. Furthermore in relation to the size of the logo, you should choose the area of your logo to use for the pour lines carefully. You should use clear points in the logo to allow the staff to pour drinks easily where the print is visible and clear. Our artwork team can provide direction on this prior to printing.

Ready to take the next steps? Contact us today for a glass printing consultation and let us help guide you towards the perfect glass and logo for your glass printing requirements.

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