Father's Day Beer Glasses Special

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Taldara Beer Glasses Special. Beer Glass Illustration

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Price Reduction! | Quality Capacity & Specialty Beer Glasses

From the traditional and durable Washington range to the specialty and crystal glass Palladio range, you'll find a great range of Middy, Schooners and Pint glasses at a discounted rate. 


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Featured Beer Glasses

The 'Washington'

A popular favourite amongst pubs and bars around Perth, the Washington beer glass is a traditional, yet durable design. Featuring a sleek curved shape that's easy to handle, these tempered glasses are built to last, are dishwasher safe and heat and shock resistant. Complement your craft beer offerings with a conservative glass that is gaining in popularity. See the Washing Glass Range

 Washington Beer Glass

The 'Palladio'

If you’re looking for sophisticated glassware, look no further than the Palladio. Designed with state of the art technology, this beautifully presented beer glass features scratch resistant glass and a classic footed shape. It's no wonder it’s the preferred glass of Pilsners fans. See Palladio Glass Range 

Palladio Beer Glass

The 'Edge'

For those out there who prefer a standard glass with an 'edge', look no further than the Edge glass, courtesy of our friends at Arcoroc. The Edge is a robust workhorse but also features a nucleated base designed to keep your beverage bubbling for longer, ensuring a refreshing drop till the last sip. See Edge Glass Range

                 Arcoroc Edge Glasses

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