Pint vs. Schooner: The Big Debate

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The Pint/Schooner Debate Rages On

Unlike the Eastern states, Western Australians have always enjoyed drinking their beer out of pint glasses, as opposed to the standard Australian Schooner.


However, in the recent years, there has been a push (thanks to the upsurge in craft beer drinkers) to switch to schooners (around 2/3 of the pint capacity). Fans of the smaller glasses say they promote responsible drinking and are superior to pints when it comes to keeping the all-important beer cool for longer.

Apparently, we can blame our fondness for the traditional pint glass on the surge of Irish & British pubs that sprang up in the 90s, a trend that, until recently, was staying put.

In a recent online poll, and for a bit of fun, we asked our Facebook family to pick their favourite - pint or schooner. Although some highlighted the benefits of the schooner size to keep their beer cold during a hot balmy day, and/or for slow drinkers, surprisingly the pint glass lovers banded together and out-voted the new (old) comer, with the European import taking out more than 90% of the votes.

Not exactly a close race. It seems that, although having a wide range of standard beer glass sizes might please some patrons (and the local law enforcement), the pint's popularity means it's unlikely to disappear anytime soon!

What are your thoughts?

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