Restaurant Styling: Our Top 3 trends for SS 2017

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Styling trends to look out for this dining season

It might not feel like it yet, but spring is here! And with it comes new interior styling inspiration for your restaurant, café or catering business this season.


Winter and Autumn's influence means mix-and-matching rich textures such as wood and marble (used on serving boards, and serving paddles) together with different finishes. From the earthy glazing on the Artisan range to the modern matte seen on dining plates, serving bowls and even cutlery. The trends for Spring/Summer 2017reinforce the “back-to-basics” feel of winter but enhance the cozy vibe with new softer colour schemes, more textures, and mixed finishes. Here are our top 3 trends we see being huge this season:

1. Calming Luxury

This trend is all about recreating a delicate English garden tea indoors - but with a modern textural twist. The muted pastel tones are brought to life with rich natural marble textures, wooden accents, and brass hardware to add an element of luxury. Easily recreated by updating your tea and coffee accessories, bringing a calming and uncomplicated feel to your restaurant or cafe table.

Range of pastel matte finishes on dinnerware

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2. Urban Dining

From a delicate English garden to no-holds-barred urban, this season is all about natural contrasts. Capitalising on dark colour choices, and sleek finishes this trend continues the winter feel but lightens the mood to showcase an elegance that feels refreshing in the spring. Whether you’re serving burgers or facilitating fine-dining, the hues of grey and black create a dynamic atmosphere. Our black satin dinner and serving plates are perfect for creating a dramatic look; and paired with slate platters and modern cutlery, they set a fresh urban tone.

Urban dining inspiration board

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3. Romantic Escape

Inspired by nature and the local flower market, we celebrate spring by pairing gorgeous table arrangements with copper and rose gold hues. Soft yet bold copper adds a luxury, but feminine touch to the table, which is probably why it has become the must-have hue of the last few seasons. Adding a rustic touch to otherwise simple tableware, copper feels bold and modern against everything from checks to farmhouse flower patterns. See our range of copper and rose gold wear below.

Romantic escape inspiration board showing rose gold

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Setting the right tone for your restaurant or café is an essential step in creating a successful hospitality business. Whether you're starting a new business or updating your décor to fit a demographics or add a nod to the ever-changing trends, our team of experienced hospitality professional can help you achieve the right look for your business. Discover our tableware range, or why not talk with our experienced staff?


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