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From home-style cooking to fine-dining: rotisserie is making a comeback!

While some cooking methods are using the latest technologies (think sous-vide and molecular cooking), there is also a growing appetite for high-end roasted meats, for both dine-in and take out customers. Whether spit-turned or oven-roasted, the country’s hottest kitchens are now dishing up rotisseried whole birds, fish and even vegetables.


Although on the surface the cooking technique may appear less sophisticated; the meat constantly heated from three sides allowing for a very even cooking process, Chefs are infusing technology in the process elevating the age-old formula to new heights.

Forerunning this trend are high profile ventures Pickett’s Deli & Rotisserie at the Queen Victoria Markets in Melbourne, and The Chicken Shop by Merivale, on Sydney’s Oxford Street by Merivale.

The idea behind rotisserie concept dining, however, is simple: take the humble roast chicken and deliver mouth-watering, game-changing sophisticated meals, and now the new roasting techniques are making waves in the fine-dining world, with the likes of Phillipe Mouchel and Mike McEnearney serving up roasted birds in their eponymous restaurants.

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Create the perfect rotisserie experience

Of course, in order to roast meats, you need to invest in a rotisserie, but in striving for a unique dining experience, it's essential that you drive home the point home with complimentary carving tools.



To get the finest cuts and portions from your slow-cooked roasts, you’ll need a dedicated knife able to cut through the meat effortlessly. The Cuinox Carving Knife stands at an impressive 200mm long and features a riveted handle and forged blade that cuts smoothly and efficiently. Lightweight and comfortable to grip, combine with the Cuinox Carving Fork for a complete pair of workhorses.


Display your beautifully carved meats with a rustic paddle board. The Moda rectangular paddle board, made from Acacia, features a unique grain and is perfect as a sharing board or for transferring crispy delights from the kitchen to table in style. Designed to enhance the natural qualities of timber, these paddle boards make it easy to coordinate with other restaurant design features and come with easy grips to aid table service. We have a range of servingware including marble, slate, and wood.


Ensure your food is cooked to perfection with one of our many different sized stainless steel skewers. Great for testing the temperature of a cooked roast or as a presentation piece (think kebabs), these skewers are made from 18/10 stainless steel and feature a unique loop on the end for hanging purposes or ease of use.


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