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We aim to help you reduce costs and increase your productivity by providing systems and solutions designed to reduce setup pain and stock control friction.

In addition to delivering personalised stock management services, we can organise printing of Custom Branded Products to increase brand awareness and offer a comprehensive Chemical Setup Service that provides training and testing where necessary, all backed by Jasol.


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Taldara Has Been Partnering With Local Players in the Hospitality Industry in Perth For Over 30 Years

During this time we have noticed common frustrations amongst local businesses:

  • Time pressures of the industry make it difficult to shop around
  • Frustration at dealing with excess sales representatives from various companies
  • Annoyance at having to order excess stock to meet minimum order requirements across multiple suppliers
  • Difficulty in finding new products & samples for specific business needs
  • Running low on stock at critical times due to staff oversights causing stressful and unnecessary running around
  • Additional time and processing costs spent managing supplier accounts.

If these frustrations sound common to you, Taldara can help! We have specially designed our systems as a 'one-stop-shop' in order to reduce dealings with suppliers and overall hassles.

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