Leading Cleaning Chemical Distributor in Western Australia

Taldara, a leading chemical distributor in Western Australia for decades, has now teamed up with Jasol to provide the very best in high-quality cleaning solutions for your business and initial chemical setup service.

Our experienced team can help you

 Develop the perfect chemical set-up for your business, including recommendations on dispensing equipment tailored to your business

 Organise swab and hygiene testings

 Coordinate mandatory training & documentation for staff safety and education.

Need Jasol's Chemical Safety Database Sheets?

Find our chemical safety downloads here.

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Chemical jars and beakers in a lab

Site Surveys

Hazard Barrier and Safety Piping

Online Safety Training

Employee uses chemicals in industrial setup



Site Surveys

To improve the efficiency of your kitchen, we conduct site surveys and provide reviews of your chemical usage and make recommendations on the safest cleaning system for your business.

Online Safety Training

Taldara can organise your login to access various online training modules, assisting staff to obtain their basic chemical awareness training as required by Work health and safety (WHS). Each training course features step-by-step guides on the recommended usage and safety, accompanied with optional audio.


Covering a wide range of sectors from laundry and healthcare, to food and beverage, Taldara and Jasol can also organise the installation of the appropriate chemical dispensers for your business.